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Joyce Is Here To Stay

Jordan sat out on the bench down from the apartment he and Karen shared lost in thought about what was happening. Karen had told him earlier as she worked on him that Joyce was now here to stay. She said I know you love being my girl but you’re just too scared to admit it so I’m going to keep you this way. She had done a much more radical job on his eyebrows than she usually did and put some hair extensions in his hair. He hadn’t noticed until this morning and that’s when she told him that Joyce won’t be disappearing on Monday.

Jordan has known for a long time that she always saw him as Joyce right from the start. When she first talked him into dressing up for her she’d said after he was fully dressed and made up that he made a much better woman than he did a man. Over the two-plus years they’ve been dating then living together he’s become very comfortable as Joyce. So much so that she was coming out in his mannerisms even when he was dressed as Jordan. Once he was sure that Karen was Ok with him being a girl it just came naturally. He likes that she takes charge and he doesn’t have to. He’s even come to love that she takes charge in their lovemaking. Joyce never has performance anxiety like Jordan used to. Karen even started to take him like her girl in bed and he soon looked forward to it. She is taking Joyce shopping today for work-appropriate clothes so that she can go on the job interviews Karen has already set up. She says that next week they will give most of Jordan’s old things to Goodwill.

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