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I Don’t Take Money

“Hey, there fella. Want me to show you a good time? I’m open for anything.” the girls said leaning into John’s car.

“How much?” John asked.

“Oh, I don’t take money,” she said as she got into the car.

Of course, John did not know that inside this girl’s body was Martin, the girl’s ex-boyfriend. After she cheated on him Martin decided the whole town must know what kind of a slut she is. When he found a bodyswap spell he knew that was the way to do it. He swapped bodies with her and was now on his way to completely destroy her reputation.


He knew that by the end of the week everybody in town would know how she would give it up to anybody who could get his up. Over the week he was disgusted by the things men asked him to do. Of course, it was nothing compared to how disgusted he would be when he finds out the bodyswap spell is irreversible. Leaving him in his ex-girlfriend’s body. And even worse, her new reputation.

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