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Huge Favor

“This is going to be so awesome…” Craig said to himself as he checked his reflection in the mirror. Craig and Jessica were cousins, born only days apart. Both were only children, so they were very close to each other growing up like siblings. They went to the same high school, were accepted into the same college, and even picked the same majors. Jessica also knew Craig’s biggest secret – he loved to crossdress. She even helped him out by providing her clothing to him at times in exchange for various favors like copying homework, help on tests, when she needed money, etc. One evening, Craig was in his apartment studying when he got a phone call from Jessica. She got quite drunk at a bar using a fake ID and was caught walking home. Facing underage drinking and public intoxication charges, she needed to be bailed out and didn’t want her parents to know. Craig, always good with his money, had saved up quite a bit from his summer job and agreed to help.


As he drove Jessica home from jail, she was extremely grateful. She promised Craig one HUGE favor whenever he needed it. The next year, after completing her probation and community service, Craig approached her looking to cash in his “huge favor”. He didn’t simply want to dress up as a woman anymore, he wanted to actually be a woman for a little while. He wanted to go to the Swap Clinic for a temporary swap with Jessica. Spring Break was coming up and neither had plans for it, so Craig intended to swap for the duration. He promised not to do anything damaging or embarrassing while in her body, either Jessica was wary, but was also curious about what it was like to be a guy, so she agreed. Now, the first night of the swap, Craig found himself in front of his mirror checking out his temporary new form. He turned to face the mirror and then reached up behind his back, expertly unhooking his bra (all of that crossdressing experience helped). “0h, this is so awesome…” he whispered to himself as he felt his sensitive, perky breasts for the first time. A warm “glow’ quickly developed between his legs, yearning for attention. “Umh… l need to talk Jess into a longer swap…”

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