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Hot Gym Bitch

“Excuse me, but you’ve been hogging the machine for quite some time now.” Will said to Cindy trying to sound polite. But it didn’t help. Cindy stepped down from the crosstrainer in a huff. “Look you bitch, the reason I have to hog this machine is because you stole my perfect figure!” Cindy said. “I didn’t steal anything. The role exchanger…” Will started to explain before Cindy interrupted him. “Yeah, the role exchanger is random. You still got it! Bet you’re really happy with my size zero. While I am so bloated! And don’t pretend that you are here to exercise! You with your make up on, your hair done and your bikini top serving as a sports bra! Horny bitches like you make me sick!” Cindy screamed at him upset before storming off angry. “Damn, her hot body really made her personality bearable. She used to be a hot bitch. Now she’s just a bitch. Can’t believe I used to yearn for her attention. He he. If she knew who I was before the role exchanger… she would freak out even more.”

Will laughed to himself as he started to get onto the crosstrainer. It had been a few weeks since the role exchanger hit the gym. And back then Will was a 35-year-old overweight man who just went to the gym to stare at the hot women there. And Cindy was one of the hottest women there. Then the role exchanger hit and it was a rollercoaster ride of up and downs for Will. The first time he got hit he exchanged weight and muscles with a nearby bodybuilder. Will was ecstatic. He felt great. And he knew he could get a girl with the muscles he now had. He was busy flexing his muscles in the mirror when he got hit again. And while his body did not change he quickly noticed a change. He was getting turned on by his own reflection! But he did not have a lot of time to get used to the change as he was hit again. This time swapping him into the body of a nearby young and chubby woman. A woman who had been 50 years old just a minute ago. Will had seen her grow younger in front of him. By now Will had decided, like many other people, that it would be best to run as far away as possible. He didn’t want any more changes to happen. Even if he was stuck as a woman now. At least he was young! But the role exchanger got him one last time exchanging his figure with Cindy’s. It did not take long for Will to realize how lucky he was. He was young. He was sexy. And he knew that he could get any guy he wanted. At least after he had learned how to use his new body. He spent the last few weeks learning about make up and hair styles. Spent half a fortune on sexy clothes. Will knew he will enjoy being the hot gym bitch. But he also knew that Cindy spoke truth when she called him horny. He was quite boy crazy now. But he also knew that he will enjoy that as well.

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