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Finding Harmony

Over time Silas found it easier to look in the mirror and see Harmony staring back at him, It hadn’t always been that way, but as time passed so came acceptance, helped in no small part by the drugs the nurses “prescribed” him. He’d been a handsome boy growing up and girls had loved his slightly effeminate good looks as an antidote to the macho quarterback types. Silas had loved the attention and by the time he hit his late teens, he’d screwed a dozen girls and fancied himself a stud.

He got a job in the local distillery but dreamt that someday his good looks would be his ticket to fame so when movie scouts arrived in town looking for handsome country boys, trying to find the next big thing Silas was thrilled. Along with every other guy in town Silas queued up for a thirty-second audition and the scouts loved him! In fact, he was the only guy in town who signed up. They said he’d have to go with them but he was only too happy to be leaving his small town behind, and the dismissive way he said goodbye to friends and family seemed to piss everyone off. Silas didn’t care at the time but now wonders if that’s why nobody has come looking for him?

He doesn’t know when they drugged him. One minute he was goofing around with the guys in the bus and the next he was waking up strapped to a bed. He thought he’d had an accident until the nurses explained that he was now the property of an organization named Unique Desires and had been transformed into a marketable asset. Silas didn’t understand until they let him see a mirror. Then he screamed.

They’d pumped excessive amounts of collagen into his lips, and surgeons had given him big breasts. Worse was to come when he discovered his penis and testicles had been removed and replaced with a vagina. They’d also performed work on his vocal cords to give him a high-pitched girlie voice. After he calmed down, somewhat, the nurses explained that Silas no longer existed and her name was now Harmony. They explained that once she’d got used to her new body Harmony would be sold to an exclusive brothel. It seemed some rich men really liked to fuck slutty bimbos who used to be guys.

Silas was appalled, but he was given little choice. Harmony learned to dress and act like a woman, how to put on makeup in the sluttiest way possible. And then she learned how to pleasure men. The trainers were gentle, but Harmony was under no illusions that if she resisted they would take her by force. Silas was broken by this point, so he meekly learned how to use his new lips to give the perfect blow job. How to use his hands to bring a man to the point of ecstasy, and how to spread his legs and let multiple men fuck him one after another.

Harmony is now one of the most popular girls in the brothel and spends her days and nights on her knees or on her back. Men come from miles around just to partake of her slutty talents. So Silas got his fame after all, just not in the way he wanted, though he has learned to find some satisfaction in being the best bimbo slut he can be!

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