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Didn’t Even Dare To Think

Kevin was just relaxed enough that Ginny’s teasing comment about how he’d held the attention of the guys they’d passed a few minutes ago had him starting to smile. Ginny said if I hadn’t kissed you on the lips as we walked by they’d be following us right now and you know it, Sandra. As always hearing her call him Sandra caused a slight shiver to run through him. The image of his reflection in the mirror before they left their apartment still fresh in his mind.

Today was a first for Sandra, to be out walking about in a dress was new. They’ve been out on weekends before as two girls but Sandra was always dressed in something more gender-neutral like shorts or jeans. Ginny would sometimes apply subtle makeup and comb his hair in a girl’s style but today there could be no doubt that Sandy was a girl. The new dress, black coat that worked to hide his lack of an hourglass figure, the stockings and pumps, and the new hairdo left no question as to Sandra’s gender. They were both very excited about how well he turned out. Ginny would later get Kevin to confess that despite being a bit self-conscious when they left home he felt a lot less nervous than he’d ever felt. He said I wish I could dress like this every day. Ginny just grinned at him as she said then we’ve got a lot of shopping to do girlfriend. Once we get your wardrobe complete then Sandra can look for a job and be herself all the time. Kevin hadn’t dared think about it up until now that she’d want Sandra around all the time. He thought it was just a little fun for her.

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