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Deepest Desires

I’d been trying for years. Trying to achieve my dream. I’d tried hormones, hypnosis, strange machines, and even internet links. All were too slow or just didn’t work. None could help me achieve my fantasy of becoming a beautiful, sexy woman. But I hadn’t given up hope. My latest attempt came in the form of a potion. I’d got it from a dusty old shop at the mall that I’d never seen before, and it claimed to shape a new reality to the drinker’s deepest desires. In my case, a reality where I was born female.

I lay on my bed, my fingers shaking with nerves as I downed the liquid on the stroke of midnight, on Halloween. All of a sudden I felt a faint trembling in my groin, but within seconds it grew, spreading across my entire body. Finally, it reached a climax, and the changes commenced. It wasn’t a peaceful process. My bones cracked and shrank as my height decreased, my muscles quivered and gave way as flesh moved from my shoulder and back to form sensuous curves on my chest and a ballooning ass at my rear. Soon, a piercing headache gave way as great lengths of blonde hair extended out of my scalp, and my face softened to that of a goddess.

Through the pain, I didn’t notice my clothes fall to tatters, but as it subsided I realized the black set of bra and panties that encased my new feminine features. I was wearing a pointy witch hat and stockings. Around me, the room stirring and shifted, shaping my new reality. I was curious about what my new life would be like. With a body like this and witch powers I’d be popular. Would I have a boyfriend? Who knows. That could wait. Before I got to know my new life, I need to get to know my own body again. Every inch of it, from these juicy tits; to my killer ass; to the damp void between my thighs. It was time to test my magic skills and see if I could conjure up a demon to pleasure me any way I wished for…

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