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Confessing His Crossdressing

Barry couldn’t believe how understanding his friend Stacey had been about his confession. Not only had she accepted his crossdressing but she had immediately suggested he try on some of her clothes and was quite keen to help feminize him. For years Barry had been a closet crossdresser, trying on girls’ clothes whenever he had the opportunity and even buying things for himself. Over the years his need to feel girly had only ever grown stronger but he was always so frustrated at not being able to share his passion with anyone. At last he could take it no more and decided to confess to Stacey. He hadn’t meant to but they were sitting in her room talking and the conversation came around to fashion. One thing led to another and before he knew it he found himself telling her how he would like to try on the flowery dress she had just bought. “Wear my dress?” she asked in surprise. “Why?”

It was now or never and Barry spilled out his secret. He told her all about how envious he was of girls for the pretty clothes they wore, of how for over a year now he had only been wearing ladies underwear whenever he could. “You see Stacey,” he concluded, “I just want to be one of the girls.” Stacey listened to it all and when he finished she stood up and told him she wanted to see for herself. Before long she had him dressed in her black lace lingerie set. Barry felt very exposed in the tiny panties but Stacy stripped off her own clothes to make him less embarrassed. She seemed to completely accept him as one of the girls already. As she helped him to put on a new dress she told him how cute he looked. As Stacey pulled the dress down over his hips Barry was thinking about how wonderful it was to finally be doing something girly with a real girlfriend and Stacey was thinking about who she was going to tell as soon as Barry went home. After all, if Barry wanted to be one of the girls then he had to realize that girls always share their secrets…

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