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Julia looked at her brother Daniel concerned. The Great Shift had happened a few hours ago swapping the two siblings. Julia, unlike her brother, kept her body in shape and healthy. And she was proud of the body she had because of it. She was just about to go out for a run when the Shift happened. Now with Daniel inside it, Julia wondered how fast he would let all her hard work go to waste. She knew Daniel was not in good shape and did not care about it. But she was shocked at how bad it felt to be in his body. She could not wait until they would reverse this Great Shift and she got back into her slim body. She was just concerned about the extra pounds Daniel will have added to her body by then. Pounds she will have to work off again.

Unfortunately, the Great Shift will turn out to be irreversible. And to make things worse Julia found out that she did not have to be concerned about how fat Daniel would make her body. After the Shift Daniel turned out to be more concerned about ‘his’ body than Julia ever was. He worked out harder than Julia did. And held himself to a stricter diet. Unfortunately, he only did it because he loved being a sexy woman. He loved showing off his body. And he loved having sex with guys. Julia hated seeing Daniel being a complete slut in her body.

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