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I stared at my reflection in disgust. I was pathetic. I should have walked away after the first week. How could I have been so stupid? Because you trusted her. You loved her. Another part of my brain answered. And you had nowhere to go. And she took advantage of that. She knew I had nowhere to go and no family to take me in and she used that. She took advantage of my desperation and twisted me into… Someone confident? Someone gorgeous? Someone I’m not. A stranger.

It wasn’t like you had the money to leave. And besides, you were curious too. I was curious but I also didn’t think she was all that serious or at least that she would take it this far. You could have stopped her after she started you on hormones. I said I was uncomfortable. To which she lost her mind and said I didn’t love her and if I didn’t love her that I could just leave. Where would you go? Exactly. You could have stopped her after she made you burn all your old clothes. Or when she made you get implants. But you didn’t. You didn’t stop her. She did this to you but you are at least a little complacent. I sighed. I was blaming myself again. Not that it matters. There was no getting out of this now.

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