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“I think it’s time to finally make up my mind”, Peter thought as he looked down at himself. “Do nothing and transform back into my male body and get my old life back, or drive over to ‘Bikini Beach’ and upgrade my pass to lifetime?” When his girlfriend Amy tricked Peter into this magical water park he was really upset at first. He hated everything about his new body; the hair, the weight on his chest, the way this body moved, everything. But he knew that he would be in this body for just two weeks and he longed for the time to pass fast, as he wanted to get his original body back as soon as possible.


But then he started to explore his new body and his feminine side and soon found out that it wasn’t as bad as he expected. On the contrary, he was starting to like this temporary life. Every day brought new experiences, like shopping with his girlfriend or going to a club, or playing with himself at night. Over the past few days, he started to consider staying in this body, but he hadn’t made his choice yet. “Somehow I do miss my old life. But I’d hate to say goodbye to this body, especially my two new friends on my chest. My former life wasn’t bad, but my new life is much more interesting. I better get dressed and drive to the water park as I’ve finally come to a decision.”

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