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Be My Valentine

Daniel let out a long and breathless “Fuck!” as the girth of thick penis forced his vagina wide. His body fluttered and a wave of intense pleasure washed over him. “What’s wrong, baby?” His wife, Liz, asked as she placed her warm hands on Daniel’s breasts again and looked into her own blue eyes. She saw the worry there, now that the moment had arrived.

Her husband had confided in her his fetish for body swaps, and for Valentine’s Day, Liz had found a magic spell that enabled it to happen in real life. Daniel was thrilled at first to inhabit his wife’s sensitive flesh, to run his slender hands over her firm breasts and slide his fingers into his long silky hair. But there was fantasizing about being fucked by a man while in a woman’s body and there was reality. “I’ll be gentle,” Liz whispered, taking Daniel’s earlobe into her mouth and sucking gently just how her body liked it. She watched in satisfaction as her former body trembled and her husband sighed softly. She continued slowly pulling more of herself out and slowly pushing all the way back in. When she had a good long stride going slowly, she carefully started speeding up…

Liz kept thrusting deep into Daniel’s womb, each thrust magnified until her body was shaking and as she pulled her manhood out of Daniel’s exquisitely tight pussy, her seed exploded across his stomach like a pearl necklace that had been broken on his tender flesh.

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