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Back to School

Martin was a career criminal who’d eluded the law for over ten years thanks to his brains, and his luck, but eventually his luck ran out, and for all his smarts he hadn’t been able to evade the FBI any longer. Still, he thought he could outwit the cops, his lawyers pled that he was easily led, and had had a troubled childhood. And the judge bought it, he offered Martin a plea deal, a new initiative that would see Martin return to school rather than prison. Martin accepted, laughing inwardly at how he’d outsmarted the law yet again. Of course, he hadn’t realized that the new initiative was designed to take career criminals and rehabilitate them so they could be of use to society. By the time Martin realized what was to become of him it was too late. He was strapped down having various chemicals pumped into his body. One of the drugs was a new synthetic estrogen, so powerful that within hours Martin’s cock and balls shriveled almost to nothing and he grew breasts. Surgery gave him a nice new pussy, and pumped up his newfound tits too, while plastic surgeons made Marion look aesthetically pleasing. Another drug worked to make Marion submissive, and reduced her IQ so she was smart enough to perform basic tasks, but would no longer pose any threat to society. In many ways Marion is a star pupil, she’s loyal and trustworthy, and ever so eager to please her teachers, with her hands, her mouth, and her pussy, but she isn’t the sharpest tool in the box and always fails her exams. Oh well in her new life as the Judge’s maid being able to spell or count are less important skills than being able to give a grade-A blow job.

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