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At Tne Bar

Luke looked at his girlfriend Kaylee now in his body. It has been three Months since they met that witch in this bar. The witch switched their bodies as an punishment for Kaylee being rude to her. Since then they have been going to this bar every evening in the hope that she might turn up and they can ask her for forgiveness. But Luke is starting to see his girlfriend in a different light. Drinking fruity cocktails was maybe cute when she still had her own body, but in his it just made him look gay! And the constant complaining was not a lot more than it used to be, but somehow it was a lot more annoying in his body.

Luke was getting angry. He was trying to live his girlfriends life the best he can and to adapt to the situation. Kaylee was not. She still behaved like the bitchy woman she actually was. Luke decided, either they find the witch soon, so he can switch back and break up with Kaylee. Or he has to find himself a real boyfriend!

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