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As a Prank

The year is 2030, auto-closets have been invented, and using 3D printing materials, it can create any outfit for you. As a prank, Donald’s girlfriend changed the parameters of his auto-closet. When Donald walked into his auto-closet in the morning, he came out with a surprise; the machine had shaved his body, gave him hair extensions, moved his bodyfat around to form his breast and ass, and did his makeup. “OMG! Donald, you have really become a beautiful woman.” His girlfriend told Donald as he came down wearing a little black dress, pantyhose, and heels. “I admired myself already in the mirror and I have to agree with you. Besides, that now being a woman feels really nice.” “Can you pose for me so that we have pictures to remember this?” Therefore, Donald slid the hem of his dress up a couple of inches. “It was a good prank shall we go upstairs and undo this change?” He asked.

After performing a hard reset on the parameters, the closet did not recognize Donald. His girlfriend didn’t think her little joke was so funny anymore. Now she was just embarrassed. “Please call the manufacturer so that I can change back,” said Donald. After contacting the manufacturer they learned that the changes could not be undone because of the hard reset they had performed. So Donald was now stuck in his female body and had to learn to live as Dominque. The service configured the closet so that Dominque could use it for her outfits. At first, Donald was shocked but after being, a woman for a few hours Dominque was surprised by how natural it felt to wear female clothes. Even walking on heels started to feel like walking on flats. “OMG, you also start to flirt with that waiter. ” Donald’s girlfriend said while they ordered a drink at the bar. “I know, that man looks so lovely and muscular and I am getting the urge to do something with him… to make your prank even funnier…”

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