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A Sister’s Whim

Travis’ impromptu night out had been the most excruciating four hours of his life. Once he’d accepted the first drink Peter had been impossible to shake off. Forced to make small talk, he’d introduced himself as Olivia and kept having to invent increasingly elaborate details about her life. He couldn’t believe he’d been stupid enough to let the guy walk him home and to his actual house. But the worst was still to come, as it became clear that Peter wasn’t leaving without a certain something as a “thank you.” The kiss seemed to last forever, and now it replayed over and over in his brain a sickening memory he was sure he’d never forget. And to top it all, he was then grounded for being out so late — a fine week this was turning out to be! It took till Friday before his parents finally relented. Excited to see the guys again, he grabbed his skateboard and bounded out of the house only for it to go clattering out of his hands at the sight of an unexpected, but all too familiar, face. “Hey, Travis… surprised to see me? Tee-hee! I got back a whole day early, lucky you!” Panicked, Travis turned back to the front door but lost his balance and realized it was already too late as he felt two large mounds start growing on his chest. A white tank top and jeans shorts finished the look, and as he explored his face he realized it felt familiar somehow. Holy shit… he was Olivia again!


No… Mia couldn’t possibly know what had happened that night… Right? “Looking good Trav… Err.. Olivia. Ha-ha, you little minx, you thought your big sister wouldn’t find out? Come on, let’s hit the town and you can tell me all about it” “No. You… You can’t keep doing this! I’m not going anywhere with you. Not now, not ever!” Travis got pouty, determined to put a stop to this once and for all. “Oh, you little brat! Hmm, then… you know what? Fine. You stay there, see if I care.” Travis felt his nerve begin to crumble as his sister pushed past him to the front door. This wasn’t how he’d expected it to go but he had to stand up to her, even if that meant SLAM. Even if that meant being stuck outside like this. Oh boy, he’d really done it this time! Meanwhile, Mia was already making his curveball work to her advantage. The plan had been to spend another girl’s day with her brother, but the outfit she’d put him in would work even better for a second date! She grinned evilly as she pulled out her brother’s phone and crafted a flirtatious message inviting Peter to come to pick him up. Text sent she headed to his room. Now he was out of the way for a while, she could finally put the next part of her plan into motion…

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