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A Grand Venture

Since the beginning of the Offender Redistribution Programme in 2031 Venture Genetics has undertaken the biological and psychological remapping of over six thousand male prisoners. Prisoners who would have clogged up British jails, prisoners who would have had a 75% chance of reoffending upon release.

Now they’re six thousand valuable members of society. Their testosterone levels have been cut to practically zero, making them calmer and more law-abiding. Their bodies have been sculpted into aesthetically pleasing shapes, meaning those rough and spine-chilling men no longer inspire fear in the people who see them. Their minds have been adjusted through the gentle application of hypnosis and drugs to make them helpful, polite, and eager members of society.

Here’s an example from Venture Airways staff. Obviously, I can’t tell you his original name, but suffice to say that he was a very bad lad. In and out of prison multiple times, a thief and a violent man who hurt everyone from complete strangers to his own family. Now he’s a she. Things are so much better, so meet Camila. Camila works as a flight attendant providing a friendly and helpful service to passengers. Camila works long days and short flights, she can spend well more than half her “duty day” hard at work earning nothing but never gripes about this. She’s more than happy to perform any additional task that’s asked of her, from serving another cup of coffee to helping pilots relax after a stressful day.

Venture Genetics where everyone wins.

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