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A Black Dress

Jerry needed a plan and he needed it fast. He was running around corners and rushing behind alleyways trying to outrun the bullies that were chasing him. He had made fun of that doofus Brock, the biggest idiot at school, once again but this time the giant lug had brought five others with him to kick little Jerry’s ass once and for all. The hotshot swung around another corner, hearing the yells of the older boys behind him trying to keep up. He knew if he didn’t keep moving they were sure to catch him and he also knew that he wouldn’t last five minutes fighting any one of them. He needed to find a place to hide. Seeing an old-looking house in between two industrial buildings, Jerry quickly kicked at the old door which quickly broke beneath his force. He ran inside and slammed the door behind him then came to the window and smiled watching the other boys run past the house. He was safe for now.

Turning around he was startled to see a black dress floating in the middle of the room. “What the hell?” he exclaimed walking ever so slowly towards it. There were no wires or strings holding it up and the room seemed to pulse with a strange energy. Without even thinking he reached out and touched the material and there was a bright flash of light. Seeing the old house flicker into a light, bully Brock turned around and signaled the others to follow. As he walked up the front steps of the house he jumped as the door flew open and the drop-dead gorgeous woman in a revealing black dress sauntered sexily out to greet him. “Hey there boys, I know you’re all mad at me but how about we all have some fun together. In some way, you all helped me become this so let me show you my thanks. I may not be as much a loudmouth as Jerry but my mouth has other skills. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Mmmm! Yes…”

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